Vinification section

A touring in the winery

 The winery consists of a delivery section and a section where the vinification tanks are placed. There are three receptacles, where grapes are delivered and weighed at the same time. In the meantime, a special instrument is used for measuring sugar levels of the grapes delivered and quality control takes place. Stemming and crushing follows for both red and white grapes. The stems are separated from the berries the skins of which are broken.

For white wine production, the must is forwarded to the press where grape-juice is separated from grape-skins. The juice then is channeled in the vinification tanks.

For red wines, the juice of the must is fermented on the skins, with the introduction of yeast, to extract their red pigments and other substances. Fermentation lasts for about 6 days and then the juice is separated from the grape-skins, so as to be channeled in stainless units where alcoholic fermentation continues to be completed. For the production of Rose wines, grape-juice together with grape-skins is fermented for 18-24 hours. During the above process, continuous wetting of the tanks controls the temperature.

 Fermentation causes a rise in temperature but it can be adjusted at a desirable point with the use of control system. Temperature is kept at 30°C for red wines and at 16-18°C for white wines.

When fermentation has been completed, the wine is blended and racked and then led in oak barrels, in wine-stores, whenever ageing is required. White wine for immediate consumption, after racking can go through cold stabilization and then it is filtered and bottled.




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