The cellar – Ageing the wine

 The cellar, which is located underground, is the place where selected red wines are subjected to cask ageing and spend an important period of their existence. In the cellar, there is a special air-conditioning system, keeping temperature and relevant humidity at steady levels. This is where hundreds of French, oak-barrels of 225 and 500 litres are placed. Casks cradle and nurture wine as it develops.

The wine remains in casks for at least 12-28 months (depending on the product) where oxidant ageing occurs, while wood introduces particular aromatics into the wine, affecting its taste.

Red wines are subjected to further reductive ageing in bottles. Reductive ageing requires hermetically sealed environment in order to develop the aromatic bouquet in the wine. These particular wines appear to have relevant evolutionary potential, with resistance in time.




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