Our premises

Superiority in technology ...

This living product called "wine" ensures its quality through modern, up-to-date wine making technology.

Our wine co-operative is proud for having put emphasis on high-standard technological equipment, right from the start.

This rarely found superiority in this sector, ensures high quality in every stage of production, beginning with the grape-harvest, the selection of grapes, transportation, weighing, sampling, stemming, crushing, vinification and ageing in casks and bottles. Our technological superiority reveals our profound interest and love for the wine we produce.

... signifies deep interest

Some further details:

From the linear vineyards, winegrowers convey their grapes to the winery in plastic containers of 20 kg capacity. Since the winery sits very close to the vineyards, grapes avoid crushing and bruising during transport. In the underground cellars, the wine matures in small, French oak-barrels, stabilized temperature and relevant humidity. Wine tasting is appointed to experienced oenologists who have love and a flair for wine. All wines produced by our co-operative should reach optimum levels of maturity before being released in the markets.




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