Quality travels

Quality travels and The VAENI Naoussa wines are widely known in both local and foreign markets.

Exports stand at 30 per cent of sales, in France, the USA, Belgium, Ghana, Sweden, Austria, Spain, Japan, Canada, Cyprus, Germany, The Netherlands and Denmark. Increased demand bears witness to the quality of our wines.

The Co-operative continues and preserves the local tradition for quality wine.

Moreover, it responds to new varietal flavours by creating new wine-types with loyalty to tradition and using, at the same time, advanced, forward-thinking vinification techniques.

VAENI Naoussa is a founding member of the Interprofessional Wine Association of the Naoussa Appellation, whose aim is to ensure quality and promote their wines in Greek and foreign markets.

During its twenty years of existence, the Co-operative has developed a significant sales network supported by experienced staff. Meanwhile, it has also promoted its own distribution network.


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