Foundation, objectives and vision

In 1983, 330 vine growers of the Naoussa Appellation zone, decided to set up their own Co-operative so as to make better use of their crop and act as a counterbalance for private companies.

The VAENI Naoussa Co-op has made a name based on the fact that it can produce quality wines marketed at competitive prices, while there is continuous improvement of the product through advanced technology and emphasis on quality control.

The VAENI's policy is to maintain certain specifications for the production of its wine through which quality can meet customers' expectations. Meanwhile, wine production should always conform to the European and Greek wine legislation.

The aim of the company is to keep customers satisfied by providing them with consistent, high-quality wines.

The administration of the Co-op has decided to implement a quality system, based on International Standards and has obtained ISO 9001:2000 certification, in combination with the HACCP safety system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control point). Through the above, the company provides factual assurance about the quality, reliability and safety of its products.

A determining factor for quality wine is the excellent quality of the grapes used, which are meticulously selected and supplied by carefully chosen vine growers. Moreover, there is continuous staff training and the company's qualified specialists guide the members/vine-growers in order to produce grapes of optimum quality levels.

Workers are motivated to perform their duties in the best possible way and always comply with the procedures. The company encourages any suggestions/recommendation from its staff -submitted to their supervisors-that might improve any production stage. Every single worker is considered to be an inseparable part of the production chain and therefore important for the quality of the finished product.


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