A first look in the company

The VAENI Naoussa Co-op is one of the most highly progressive wine-producing units in Greece.

It is a giant producer representing 50 per cent of the local wine production, which comes from an area renowned for its exquisite red wines. The co-operative counts 200 members -experienced vine growers- who are driven by their profound love for quality wines. That vital human factor, combined with the use of advanced technology, can guarantee the quality of the wine, which is mainly sourced from Xinomavro, an indigenous variety dominating northern Greece.

The winery is staffed with qualified experts and operates according to the European standards. It is situated within the boundaries of the viticultural region, which is an advantage for the product itself. What characterizes the company's course is experience, reliability and an artistic feeling.

Today the VAENI wines are exported to China, Russia, the USA, Canada, Kazakhstan, Australia, Dubai, N.Zealand, Japan, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, England, Serbia and Cyprus. Their distinctive superiority can be identified right from the first drain.

The VAENI Naoussa Co-op, wishing to ensure the quality of the wine and aiming to support and promote the product in Greek and foreign markets, has been a member of the following wine-related organizations:

  • Wine Producers Association of the Northern Greece Vineyard
  • National Interprofessional Organization of Vine and Wine

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