Xinomavro of Naoussa

A noble, indigenous variety, which has been cultivated on this land for hundreds of years. Also known as Mavro Naoussis, Popolka, Popoliko or Mavro Xino. Dry wine, marketed with The Naoussa Appellation of High Quality Origin, is exclusively made from the red grape Xinomavro, which is well adapted in continental climates. Xinomavro can be found in many areas, unlike other varieties. However, it is in the Naoussa commune that maturity can easily reach optimum levels. The grapes appear an excellent aromatic potential during fermentation and wood ageing. Moreover, there is a balance of sugar levels, acid and tannins.

The climatic factors are favourable for these hillside vineyards. The altitude varies, beginning with 150m and reaching 350m. The vineyards are located on the southeastern slopes of mount Vermion, protected from the cold northern winds, while they take advantage of the sun's warm rays during midday.

Wines that are marketed with an «Appellation of Origin» are noted for their dark red colour, characteristic fruity aromas which evolve a rich bouquet during their one-year ageing in oak barrels (obligatory through legislation). A kaleidoscope of raspberries, damson, vanilla and cinnamon compliment a well structured, rich and sufficiently tannic to age wine.


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